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My Tickets Haven't Arrived, What Do I Do?

If you have not received your tickets, first check your SEE Tickets confirmation email to confirm your tickets’ distribution method. 

If you still have any questions about your tickets, please let us know before midday on the day before the event, or by midday on Thursday for a weekend event, and we will do everything possible to assist. If you do not attend an event as you didn’t receive your tickets (and did not contact us in the allotted time) then your membership will be suspended.

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What Is Two Step Booking?

What is Two Step Booking?

This is a new ticket fulfilment process. Two-Step events will have, ‘Two Step Booking’ noted in the Ticket Type. Once you have booked your tickets on Tickets For Troops, your SEE Tickets booking confirmation email will have a link and details on how to secure your tickets.

You must complete the steps in the confirmation email immediately to secure your booking. This is a condition of entry, you will not be permitted access to the event unless you have completed this step. Tickets are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee seats will be together.

Why Has This Been Created?

We have created the Two Step Booking process to ensure that we continue to receive our £5.00 booking fee, which is the main source of funding for Tickets For Troops.

Will I Have To Pay Any Additional Charges?

Some events will have their own booking fees on their websites which cannot be bypassed. If there are any additional charges you are required to pay, we will warn you prior to booking and in your SEE Tickets booking confirmation email. These charges will remain nominal. 

How Do I Cancel My Tickets with Two Step Booking?

If you need to cancel your tickets please forward your tickets or order confirmation email from the donor to: as soon as possible so they can be reallocated to another member.

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Why Do We Have To Pay A Booking Fee?

The booking fee keeps Tickets For Troops alive as a charity. It pays the running costs and the costs incurred when processing orders including but not limited to: printing, packing and delivering tickets to you. This fee also applies to tickets arranged for collection at the venue and all forms of e-ticket.

The booking fee is £5 inc. VAT per transaction.

The booking fee applies per order not per ticket. Please note that booking fees are non-refundable.

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How Many Tickets Can I Order?

For Tickets For Troops’ events, you can usually order 2-4 tickets and will find the number of tickets available to you for each event in the drop down menu when booking tickets. Ticket wastage has a negative effect on our relationship with donors, for this reason we ask that you only book what you will actually use. If required, you may return to make a second booking as long as this does not exceed the maximum number of tickets allowed. We will marry up your orders on dispatch. 

Football: Football matches are for HOME FANS ONLY. Troops are able to attend a maximum of three fixtures per club per season. This restriction is put in place to ensure that as many members of the Armed Forces as possible are able to watch their football team in action. Any bookings from away fans will automatically be cancelled.

Ballot: If successful in a ballot, you will usually be offered 2 tickets. This will be confirmed when you are notified of winning the ballot. Please note: Members who have not entered the the football team they support on their TFT Account will not be selected for Premier League Football ballots, only home fans who have entered their team will be selected. 

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Who Is Eligible For Tickets For Troops?

Those eligible are: regular and reserve serving members of the Armed Forces, those medically discharged or in receipt of a medical pension after 2001, and those who are the next of kin to a service person who has died as a result of their service.

While we appreciate all the veterans in the UK we cannot widen our membership criteria for the simple reason that we cannot provide tickets for veterans. 

The aim of Tickets For Troops is to assist Troops in making memories and spending quality time with loved ones while not on deployment. In the last 15 years we have distributed around 2.1 million tickets. There are approximately 2 million veterans in the UK meaning we would barely have a single ticket for each veteran over more than a decade, so we do what we can for those who are currently serving, medically discharged since 2001 or the next of kin of those who died as a result of service. Our eligibility criteria also extends to those discharged after 2001 and have since been awarded a War Pension for medical issues attributable to service.

I hope this explanation as to the reason we have not widened our membership helps you to understand Tickets For Troops and our aims.

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How Do I Update My Personal Details?

To update or change your personal details, including your postal address, password and mailing preferences, click on 'My Account' once you have logged in.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure your details are up to date, your account may fall into lapse if you do not do this.

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What Do I Do If I Require Accessible Seating Or Disabled Access?

If you require accessible seating or disabled access please email as soon as you've booked your event with your requirements. Please be assured that we will do our utmost to organise the right access for you; however on occasion our donors might inform us that this is not possible due to their capacity limits.

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How Do Ballots Work?

Once you have entered a ballot, we will only get in touch with you if you have won tickets.

We will provide you with a deadline to confirm if you can attend, so please ensure your contact details on your account are up to date. 

You can win up to one ballot per year. This ensures that every Tickets For Troops’ member has the chance of winning tickets through a ballot.

Please note that it may take some time for you to win a ballot. Only 8% of our tickets are offered through the ballot system and winners are drawn at random via our software to ensure fairness.

Please do not enter Football ballots as an Away Fan, as you will be automatically disqualified. Please note: Members who have not entered the the football team they support on their TFT Account will not be selected for Premier League Football ballots, only home fans who have entered their team will be selected. 

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Where Will My Seats Be?

This can vary due to the venue or event you are attending, please wait to receive your tickets or on the day of the event at the box office to find out which tickets you've been allocated.

All football matches are seated within the home fans section. In accordance with FA rules any member found to be booking tickets as an away fan in the wrong end will have their tickets cancelled and their TFT membership withdrawn.

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Can My Family/Friend Attend An Event If I Am Not There?

The Tickets For Troops member must always be in attendance at the events. You can not pass tickets on to other people to use without you.

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I Need To Cancel An Event Which I Have Booked, What Do I Do?

To cancel tickets you have booked through Tickets For Troops, you must email by midday on the day before the event to give us time to reallocate your tickets (or by midday Thursday if the event is over the weekend). 

Unfortunately if you do not cancel your tickets by the requested deadline and subsequently don't attend, we will have to suspend your Tickets For Troops membership.

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Is There A Tickets For Troops Mailing List?

Tickets For Troops has a mailing list and newsletters are sent out on a regular basis updating troops on upcoming events and ticket availability.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list please go to ’My Account’ and select ‘mailing list.’ If you would no longer like to receive further emails from us regarding the latest offers deselect ‘mailing list’.

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