Terms and Conditions

Before registering with Tickets For Troops you must agree to the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy:

  1. By submitting your details you give Tickets For Troops permission to verify the personal data you are providing to confirm your eligibility. Providing false information is a criminal offence and Tickets For Troops may prosecute anyone knowingly doing so.
  2. Tickets can only be requested by serving personnel, war widows in receipt of an attributable pension and veterans medically discharged from the forces since 2001.
  3. Eligible members are entitled to one Tickets For Troops account only.
  4. Any member caught selling or touting tickets obtained through TFT will be reported to the Service Police or Home Office Police Forces as required. The individual(s) concerned will also have their TFT membership status revoked and their account will be permanently closed.
  5. Failure to notify TFT that you are unable to attend an event could result in your account being blocked. Please email if you are no longer able to attend an event.
  6. Members may only make one booking per event. Duplicate orders will be cancelled.
  7. The registered member must be in attendance at the event and have their Service ID card with them at all times. Tickets can only be collected using your service ID and spot checks will take place where tickets have been sent out.
  8. Service personnel attending events through TFT are representing HM Forces, please ensure you and your guests behave appropriately.
  9. Event start times may change after you have placed your order, please ensure you double check timings before traveling to an event.Some events may incur a small booking fee. 
  10. All proceeds (excluding a 2-5% card transaction fee) go to supporting Tickets For Troops’ operational running costs.
  11. Booking fees are non-refundable, even if a member is unable to attend an event or in the instance where a duplicate order has been made and cancelled by Tickets For Troops.
  12. If tickets are being sent out and have not arrived on the day before the event please contact to the Tickets For Troops office no later than midday or by midday on a Thursday if the event is over a weekend.

Please adhere to our Code of Conduct which can be found here.

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