If you are currently serving in the Armed Forces as a regular or reserve, you are eligible for Tickets For Troops! Please click on the link below to register your account. Please make sure that you include all the information we request in our registration form and ensure that it’s correct. We will then activate your account and send you a reset password email to get you started.

If you haven’t heard from us within a week, please check junk/spam folders before sending us a chaser email to

If you have been medically discharged post 2001 then you can also become a member! Register your account via the link below, making sure that you include all the correct information you can. Once you have done so, please send us an email at with any of these proofs of your medical discharge:

  • a photo of your medical discharge certificate
  • a letter stating the date of the start of your medical discharge

Please note that we do not need to see why you were medically discharged.Acceptable documents can be from the MoD, the Veterans Agency or other official body. If you’re having trouble locating a suitable document then you might find it easiest to contact the JPAC in Glasgow who will hold your records, please remember we are a civilian charity and cannot assist with this. 

We also offer our membership to the next of kin of those who have passed as a result of their service. Set up an account in your name with all the details you can and send us an email at All we need is proof that their death was attributable to their service, then we will activate your account and delete any evidence sent.

If you are no longer serving then unfortunately you are not eligible to use TFT. While we appreciate all the veterans in the UK we cannot widen our membership criteria for the simple reason that we cannot provide tickets for veterans. In the last 13 years we have distributed around 1.8 million tickets. There are approximately 2 million veterans in the UK so we wouldn't even have a single ticket for each veteran over a decade.

Other charities we recommend for ticket discounts and Armed Forces Days are: